Jeromy Alexander

Welcome to my website!

Hello, I am Jeromy Alexander, sole operator of Alexander Enterprises, LLC. I provide a variety of technical services to local and global clients.

I fix computers. I am able to diagnose and repair hardware and software issues, remove viruses and other malware in Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows Server.

I am a systems analyst. I am able to uniquely see, understand, document, and solve most any problem, especially anything dealing with computers, printers, networks, servers, the Internet, email and websites.


I am a website programmer. I am able to hand write code, design and develop custom website database applications, simple static websites and dynamic CMSs. I build with Open Source languages such as PHP and MySQL.

I am a Linux server administrator. I design, build and manage servers, install operating systems and websites, apply upgrades and updates, setup backup routines and configure the necessary security and optimization.

I understand the complete process. I am able to diagnose a problem from your computer, through the local network, to a website's sever and back again, and I can offer solutions to the problem and methods to better manage it - no matter which layer of your technology the problem is in.

Computers, Technology, Wired & Wireless Networks, HTML & Dynamic Websites, PHP & MySQL coding, Linux & Windows Server Security.. Do you have a problem?

No question is to big or small, if you have a problem - just give me a call!

Jeromy Alexander

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